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The five-year-old girl cowers naked and crying in a corner. Fantasy it could be, but the fact so many like-minded men laughed and masturbated over a helpless child’s torture, terror and death is chilling and profoundly disturbing. After Took was arrested last April, the police interviewed him in connection with the child’s murder but Took insisted it was mere fantasy and the police passed the case on to Interpol.Roger Took was sentenced this February to a minimum of four and a half years in prison as part of an indeterminate sentence for 17 other crimes relating to child abuse.They included molesting two of his step-granddaughters and the possession of 260 photographs, including 102 ‘Level 5s’, which mean they contain images of children being tortured or penetrated, including by animals.

There were, apparently, thousands more on his main computer but the hard drive had broken and police experts were unable to retrieve them.

But although studies have found that the more money and celebrity men have, the more likely they are to cheat, cheating is hardly the domain of just the rich and famous.

In fact, according to Boston College economist Donald Cox, poorer women are more likely to cheat than wealthy women.

One photograph showed a penis entering the vagina of a baby.

Many images showed small children shackled to chairs or bars, in obvious pain.

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    I definitely have a thing or two to learn from the con artists. Posting these pics only serves to hurt Matt's family. He is genuine and he works very hard on his career and on his relationships. Often, for heterosexual actors, this just means "No getting arrested for beating your wife," although you've got to wonder what Charlie Sheen's morals clause looks like then.

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