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31, 2010, that are at least 2,000 square metres - a tougher provision than the 5,000-square-metre threshold initially suggested by city staff - and at least 20 metres high (six storeys), down from the 23 metres originally proposed. Peck said his organization would have preferred the measure to apply to low-rise buildings as well.Industrial buildings were given a reprieve until Jan. We can't even pay our bills." But Councillor Norm Kelly (Ward 40, Scarborough-Agincourt) praised the decision as "a pretty darn good starting point. Jeff Egar, Executive Director, Water Environment Federation, said the E. A.’s latest report to Congress on the country’s water quality clearly states that stormwater runoff is a “major source of water pollution.” As an example, the Chesapeake Bay is “still impaired because of runoff.” Also, the “dead zones” in the Gulf of Mexico continue to grow due to unabated runoff and overflow problems coming from delta communities upstream. is investing billions in a new “large water storage tunnel.” Unfortunately, D.Within cities, the issue is runoff that taxes systems and leads to overflow: older, combined sewage and stormwater infrastructure can be easily overcome by storms, which leads to flooding, with raw sewage pouring into rivers. C.’s solution is “not holistic,” and doesn’t take into consideration the capacity of green infrastructure, which includes green roofs, rain gardens, bioswales, and bioretention systems, to catch rainwater where it falls.Still, there are signs some local governments and wastewater utility authorities get it: “the enforcement community is slowly showing signs of acceptance.” He also pointed to his own projects when he was at a wastewater authority, which involved rebuilding a stream and creating “constructed wetlands” to deal with excess runoff, which ended up saving his district huge amounts of money.Regulations Can Be Opportunities If You Are Creative Ted Scott, Executive Vice President and Founder, Stormwater Maintenance, said there’s been a paradigm shift towards green infrastructure."We would have liked it [the Toronto bylaw]to be more aggressive," said Steven Peck, president of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, though he praised council for "exercising leadership" on a tool to fight climate change. Dupuis cited a 50-per-cent drop in condo sales in Toronto last month, to 398 units from 798 units in the same month a year ago.Stephen Dupuis, chief executive officer of the Building Industry and Land Development Association, said the biggest concern for developers is the cost of adjusting to the new requirements during an economic downturn. The new rules kick in for new residential buildings constructed after Jan.

The city plans to establish a million fund with federal stimulus money to provide loans to property owners for upgrades.

Other city proposals include the requirement of energy-efficient lighting, and of energy-efficient upgrades when any renovation takes places, as compared with the current standard of a renovation of 50 percent or more.

The legislative package, introduced by Council Speaker Christine C.

Green roofs will be required on new buildings in Toronto starting next year after city council yesterday overwhelmingly adopted the most comprehensive rules of any city in North America.

By a vote of 36-2, with councillors Rob Ford and Doug Holyday the only dissenters, council approved measures that developers warn will add to costs and that green-roof advocates say do not go far enough.

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