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Note that most Debian mailing lists are public forums.

Any mails sent to them will be published in public mailing list archives and indexed by search engines.

If you prefer that your home address and phone number not appear in the online directory, select the appropriate restriction option in My UI.

If you're changing your name, stop by the Registrar's Service Center in Room 17 Calvin Hall, or complete a change of name form and submit it with required documentation.

You should only subscribe to Debian mailing lists using an e-mail address that you do not mind being made public.

Please select which lists you want to subscribe to (the number of subscriptions is limited, if your request doesn't succeed, please use another method): Please respect the Debian mailing list advertising policy.

Use Employee Self-Service to update your name, address, phone number, email routing address You can restrict your home address and phone number to keep this info from appearing in the university's online directory.

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Make sure to also update your personal information on My UI.

Such mail is treated as undeliverable only when the address is incorrect or incomplete or when the mail cannot be delivered for another reason related solely to the address (e.g., a vacant building).

Exceptional Addressing is ideal for mailers who have a well defined trade area and who do not want their pieces to be forwarded outside these boundaries.

NCOALink 18 and NCOA provide the following benefits to mailers: Occupant / Exceptional Address Another option afforded to mailers is the use of an Occupant or Exceptional Address.

The Occupant Address format may be used to address mail without using the addressee's name: Example: Current Resident 10 Elm St Anytown NY 12345-6789 The Exceptional Address format includes the addressee's name and an exception: Example: John Doe Or Current Resident 10 Elm St Anytown NY 12345-6789 Mail with an Occupant or an Exceptional Address format is delivered as addressed and is not forwarded.

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