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There should be at most one trip update for each scheduled trip.

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Display buildings in 3D Add a generated icon to the map Add an icon to the map Style lines using an identity property function.MSVC4.0 works fine in wine once installed, but its installer had troubles: First, it locked up when it tried to play a sound.This worked in wine six months ago, so I grabbed the CVS archives, and did a binary search for the exact patch that broke it. I was running setup like this: in windows to get it to work.This enabled the maintainers to fix the lockup; here's their fix. (I mistakenly posted a patch that fixed this in wine by making argv[0] always an absolute path, until I realized Windows no longer does that...I may be remembering old MS-DOS behavior there.) Third, the "STL" button didn't work. The best way to see what was going on was to run "Debugging Tools for Windows" from Microsoft on my XP system and/or get a log with "wine --debugmsg exec, shell, proc d:\setup but I didn't have wordpad installed.

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