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Nestler Special: New in case, Nestler Multimath-Duplex rule set, including both the 5 inch and 10 inch versions, the same 28 scales on each.

(See items numbered 426 and 435.) The special includes these two rules with their cases for 5, plus your choice of one of the following new Nestler rules: Elemath RS (item 396), Elemath Log Log (item 397), Darmstadt (item 428), or Electro (item 437). These would be great for personal use, collection, or as a gift.

This -- the October, 2000 list of slide rules, calculators, planimeters, books, etc., etc. It is filled with unusual items, so you might want to look through it carefully. Good condition, just a few light scratches and a little dirt.

It includes over 1000 different items, hundreds of them first-time entries -- plus two specials.

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Obesity is defined as a medical condition characterized by the accumulation of abnormal or excessive body fat, which may cause undesirable effects on human health.

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