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( Meet the Diggers Garrett's Steve Moore sits down with Tim "Ringmaster" Saylor and George "KG" Wyant, stars of the hit TV series "Diggers." They answer questions on how they got started in Montana, what they find, their unusual lingo, and what it's like digging in front of TV cameras.

Four searchers take advantage of the Texas droughts and dead of winter to hunt fresh water swimming beaches.

Uncovering History in Oklahoma Relics recovered from 1820s to early 1900s period include a cannon ball, Civil War bullets, military buttons, percussion caps and a metal type setting block with the design of Oklahoma's first flag. breastplate, Confederate bullets, minie ball sinkers, and other relics.

Garrett hits the rivers again with relic hunter Beau Ouimette from Maryland. The second half of this episode features a "show and tell" where Beau gives a fascinating personal tour of his 2012 river relic finds, made with his The Garrett team travels to bayou country in search of Civil War history on the well-hunted 1864 Battle of Pleasant Hill.

Although we did some of that, this video covers some of our other adventures with the blokes from our Australian distributor: relic hunting an 1870s mining ghost town and fresh water and saltwater beach hunting.

In particular, Broward County engaged parents, youth, and community leaders in the Youth Anti-Violence Coalition.

These diverse partnerships and experience in multiple areas of youth health and safety make Broward County poised to lead dating violence prevention in their communities through Dating Matters in Broward County contact: Stacey Lazos, M. Dating Matters Program Manager Florida Department of Health in Broward County780 SW 24th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315work: 954.467.4700 ext.

Steve hopes to find artifacts where several of his ancestors fought with Texas-based Confederate companies.

Stay tuned in to the end for a brief tour of an impressive private museum of Civil War artifacts from the Pleasant Hill battle.

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