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According to reports, he became suspicious of his wife's friendship with Rosie last year - and he began trying to lose weight in an effort to save his marriage.It may have been the GQ Men Of The Year Awards back in September last year, but it was the ladies who stole the show on the red carpet.Rosie has been reportedly dating Dana for at least six months, although they have been friends for years.The former View co-host is even godmother to Dana's daughter, Plum.Former Broadway actress Dana Caruso Schiff is reportedly dating O'Donnell as she goes through a divorce with her husband, investment banker David 'Scott' Schiff.

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The duo quickly started a scripted rivalry with Neidhart and Crawford, and had a series of matches against them throughout October 2007.They’re clearly not going to end up together, and you and their ex should both be free to find love – even if it ends up being with each other.Yes, it’d be nice if people had chats to check if everything’s okay, discussed their emotions, and ensured the relationship progresses without hurting anyone involved. And I’m tired of over-simplified, generalised rules like ‘NEVER date a friend’s ex, EVER’ preventing people from enjoying fulfilling dating lives.As a part of their on-screen personas, they switched places behind the referee's back if one of them was hurt. They also occasionally competed in mixed tag team matches, teaming with male wrestlers including Kofi Kingston and Robert Anthony.They also made some non-wrestling appearances on Heath Miller's Happy Hour promo segment.

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